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At Sanctioned, our full-time positions are currently filled to capacity. However, we're always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay ahead of the curve and be the first to know about exciting new career opportunities.

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We Are Sanctioned Initiative

Rooted in our vision for transformative experiences, our We Are Sanctioned initiative extends beyond the conventional boundaries of a typical internship program. As a cohort participant, you become an essential member of our vibrant and collaborative community of emerging leaders. At the core of our mission lies the creation of an incubator program, thoughtfully designed to tap into your creative potential and seamlessly integrate your academic expertise into tangible and impactful business initiatives. 

Embedded within "We Are Sanctioned" is a robust mentorship program. This program connects you with industry experts who will guide and inspire you throughout your journey. More than just a professional relationship, this mentorship offers the chance to gain insights, build networks, and receive personalized guidance from seasoned professionals invested in your growth. This initiative is meticulously crafted to offer a supportive and innovative environment, where your skills are not only recognized but also nurtured to flourish.

The Selection Process

With a pool of highly talented and motivated individuals, the selection process becomes rigorous as we review incoming applications. We seek participants who not only showcase exceptional skills and a passion for creativity but also embody the spirit of innovation and resilience.

We believe that a dynamic and diverse cohort enhances the overall learning experience. The selection process involves a thorough evaluation of applicants' academic achievements, relevant skills, and a demonstration of how they align with Sanctioned's values. We look for individuals who bring a unique perspective, a hunger for growth, and the determination to contribute to and thrive within our collaborative community.

Being selected for the "We Are Sanctioned" initiative is a testament to your outstanding qualities and potential. It signifies not only your achievements but also your readiness to embrace challenges, collaborate with industry experts, and make a meaningful impact within the innovative and competitive landscape of Sanctioned.

Who Should Apply?

This program is tailored for college students seeking a dynamic and immersive internship experience. If you're a motivated and creative individual, eager to apply your academic knowledge in a real-world setting, and looking to earn college credit while collaborating with industry experts, then this opportunity is crafted for you. Join us and become a part of the innovative cohort that defines the future of Sanctioned.

  • Accessories Design:

    • Bring your design skills to life by working on 3D and flat CADs.
    • Contribute to the creation of unique and statement-making accessories.
    • Collaborate with our design team and learn the ropes of the fashion design process.
  • Production:

    • Gain insights into product development and inventory management.
    • Assist in sourcing materials, liaise with suppliers, and contribute to the product lifecycle.
    • Be a part of the team well versed in domestic and international manufacturing processes.
  • Public Relations (PR):

    • Dive into the exciting world of fashion PR.
    • Shape brand narratives, work on media outreach, and assist in events.
    • Learn from the best in the industry and gain real-world experience.
  • Mobile Application Designer:

    • Explore the intersection of fashion and technology.
    • Contribute to the design and user experience of our mobile application.
    • Learn from our tech-savvy team and play a role in shaping our digital presence.
  • Sales & Marketing:

    • Assist in sales initiatives, including outreach to potential clients and supporting the sales team in meeting targets.
    • Assist in analyzing market trends, competitor strategies, and customer behavior.
    • Work closely with our marketing team and elevate your skills in a real-world setting.
  • Industrial Design:

    • Shape and innovate product design concepts through hands-on engagement in the entire design lifecycle.
    • Craft experiential marketing with technology to engage audiences uniquely.
    • Gain practical experience in a supportive environment, working alongside industry experts to refine your industrial design skills.
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Applications for our program are currently closed. If you have any inquiries or would like more information about future opportunities, please feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate your interest in our We Are Sanctioned initiative and look forward to connecting with you in the future.